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Best man


i. A male friend or relative of the bridegroom at a wedding, who helps him during the wedding ceremony.

ii. The bridegroom's attendant at a wedding.

* All six elements about the line should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Selected originally - not a stand-in.

3. Never suspected of what he 'had', if any (though sometimes true), with his mate's bride - and never gives it away. Never !

4. Keeps groom's secret(s), away from the bride.

5. Supposedly, is groom's alter ego.(What a ... ? !)

6. Provides the help required effectively and efficiently.

See perfect ALTER EGO (1).
Below the Line
1. Ends up, or gets close to, marrying the chief bridesmaid !

See perfect MATCHMAKING.

See perfect BEST FRIEND.

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