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Begging letter

Definition: (mainly British) A letter from a person or an organization in which they ask you to send some money for a particular purpose.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for writer(s)/sender(s) (= beggars?!).

My/Our very dear Sir/Ma, ...

2. Language or choice of words will be clearly beggarly and pleading, even if hidden intention for request is not quite noble.

See perfect GROVELLING (1).

3. A specific amount will be stated as what is needed or as part of a budget to which the stated contribution is being solicited.

See perfect FUNDING.

4. Relevant details such as a bank account, sort code, etc., of where funds are to be sent will be clearly and correctly stated.

See perfect BANK MANAGER.

5. The person or organization that sent letter is known by/to you.

See perfect MONEY-GRUBBER.

6. Will contain a promise, desire or readiness to follow up with a visit, call, etc. (if required). And/or a reminder, or another desperate 'beg note', will be sent, soon, afterwards.

See perfect PERSISTENCE (1).

7. Must include a pledge to judiciously utilize any receipts and express a willingness to account for, and be transparent in, the expenditure of whatever sum that will be graciously received.

See perfect TREAT (3).

8. Letter will be signed ! And will be read and acknowledged. That is, missive serves purpose(s), whether or not favourably responded to.

... Thanks in anticipation.

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