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Begging bowl

Definition: (mainly British English) If a country or organization approaches other countries or organizations with a begging bowl, it asks them for money.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for beggar nation or organization to ask.

2. Reason(s) for request will be fully disclosed in letter or demand.

3. Previous contents (= collection) will never be seen (= disclosed).

4. Request can't be sent, except in error, to an enemy country or a rival organization, which will necessitate, on being discovered, a withdrawal or disclaimer of demand. (To emphasize.)

5. Tarries for a while wherever presented. That is, the ask (= bowl) conveys a need for urgency of the need for help (= money!)

6. 'Bowl' will not be 'golden', meaning that method of asking will be appropriate - relays desperation, conveys suffering or hardship, etc.

7. Ask will not be discriminatory. That is, any currency will be collected or accepted, whatever the exchange rates!

8. An indication of an ability to properly manage funds received (if applicable) will be contained in the manner of presentation. That is, a proposal, business plan, etc. will accompany request.

9. Achieves objective(s) or serves purpose(s), even if no substantial donation or funds is received.

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