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Banana republic

Definition: (disapproving) A small poor country that is politically unstable.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Country is not under the control of foreign powers. That is, her destiny is in the hands of the political leadership. In other words, country is being ruled by its nationals or citizens.

See perfect SOMALIA.

2. No sustainable or consistent systems or policies will be present in the structures or organs and/or administration or institutions of the state. That is, society will be failing, reckless and uncaring.

See perfect FOURTH WORLD.

3. No definitive or effective command and control of the armed forces or the security agencies or apparatuses of country.

See perfect DOCILITY.

4. The social fabric and economy of discredited nation will be weak and declining and dysfunctional. That is, instability will have a basis or cause.

See perfect MANDATE (1).

5. The Republic's criminal justice system, separation of powers, (equitable) balance of powers, rule of law, etc. will be ineffective or non-existent.

See perfect FAILED STATE.

6. Small, poor unstable country will not have an important and powerful ally and will be unlikely to secure substantial grant, aid, support, etc. from neighbouring, regional, continental nations/bodies or the international community.

See perfect BANANA SKIN (1).

7. Instability will not be irredeemable. That is, opportunities and possibilities will still exist in country to make her strong and successful. In other words, with the right leadership, attitude and political will, poor nation can become a country to be reckoned with.


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