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Definition: A person who plays the bagpipes.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Has a purpose and considers activity necessary.

forget the body or mouth odour, if any.

See perfect THANK YOU (1).

2. Healthy or physically fit, with very strong lungs.

however dressed or kilted and kitted.

See perfect HEART FAILURE.

3. Has stamina or staying (read: 'blowing') power.

no matter the duration of playing.

See perfect VUVUZELA.

4. Produces the rhythm or tune requested or desired.

whichever occasion, location, audience, etc.

See perfect GRUMBLING (2).

5. Handles the instruments and accompaniments well.

no matter the personal challenges being faced.

See perfect LABOUR OF LOVE.

6. Loudness or volume of sound will be right (to emphasize).

whatever the weather conditions.

See perfect MOOD MUSIC.

7. Suffers no unplanned loss from breathing or taking in a bad thing.

borrowed or owned musical instruments.

See perfect PUFF (4).

8. Serves purpose(s) or achieves goal(s), especially if appreciated.

whether alone or in a group or band.


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