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Bad governance

Definition: (informal) Rule by a government that is generally considered to be incompetent and bereft of ideas.

* Any, a few, some or all fifteen elements would be in.

1. Government has an unquestionable mandate. That is, it is in power legally. (Not ordinarily expected to be bad.)

See perfect RIGGING (2).

2. The wherewithal in terms of human, material and/or natural resources are available and accessible to the authority. (Has no excuse for badness.)

See perfect CONTROL (2).

3. Its senior officials show no respect for its own set of rules and regulations or the laws. (Some dignitaries or functionaries are above the laws of the land!)

See perfect USE OF FORCE.

4. Its priorities in respect of objectives and policies are not truly people-based. (Are they confused and/or depraved officials?)

See perfect REFORM.

5. Checks and balances between the arms of government is nonexistent. (Are the so-called leaders also the accusers, prosecutors, judges and executioners?)


6. The economy is not given adequate or appropriate attention for the overall benefit of the citizenry. That is, inadequacy exists in the harnessing of its potentials. (But, who cares?)

See perfect FUNNY MONEY (1).

7. There is no vibrancy in the country's press. There is, therefore, no accountability or transparency in governance. ('Yes, who is complaining'?)


8. The henchmen or top officials in power, and their immediate families (= cabal, first family, kitchen cabinet, etc.) do not lack the basics for a comfortable existence. (Slave masters all, with their well-lined pockets!)

See perfect SHORT-TERMISM.

9. The political space will be stifled, not allowing for the promotion of dissent or the possibility of a change that could lead to the replacement of an unwanted leader or unproductive leadership; the 'leaders' take no prisoners! (Which national interest? Please. What national security?)


10. Government is not truly inclusive or representative. Or ideas that may be introduced to people in authority will not be given serious thought or consideration. That is, the opposition, if any, will be seen as 'the enemy' - not as partners for progress. (What's poor infrastructure, or dire insecurity, or chronic unemployment, or ... . What!?)


11. Abuse of power, illegal use of force, miscarriage of justice, etc. will be prevalent. That is, debate or dialogue will be absent in the situation. (Does government care about ratings? NO!)


12. There will be no cooperation with, or seeking support of, or assistance from other governments that may provide positive benefits. (Or are its requests not being granted as a result of the negative reputation?)

See perfect RELATIONSHIP (1).

13. Nothing of substance or positive significance can be shown as an achievement, either locally or internationally, by rulers (= leaders?). (Can present beautiful MOUs, proposals, designs, plans and budgets, etc.)

See perfect FAILURE (3).

14. Resources are wasted on propaganda and image laundering - to give the impression that public good is of importance to the people in power. (Yet, the disliked government will never call for early election or resign before the expiration of its term, as applicable.)

See perfect LIE (1).

15. Unknown to the generality of the people, arrangements are usually in place for these real-life baddies to leave the country's shores, in case of a people's revolt that is likely to consume them. (Stolen funds are always, mostly, in a front's custody.)

See perfect BADNESS.

Quote: "I can retain neither respect nor affection for a government which has been moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend its immorality". - Mohandas Ghandi.

Quote: "The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was formed". - Charles De Louis.

Quote: "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government". - Thomas Jefferson.

Quote: "The best cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy". - Edward Abbey.

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