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Bad (1)
BAD (1)

Definition: (usually - the bad) Bad people, things or events (= that which is bad: wicked, evil, defective, inadequate, not prosperous, decayed, rotten, severe, faulty, unwelcome, harmful, unskilled, disagreeable, etc.).

* All thirteen elements would be in.

1. There will be an awareness or realization, suspicion or feeling, warning or hint, etc., etc. that person, thing or event is the very opposite of a good human, object or activity.

2. Cannot be approved or endorsed by a law, rule or regulation.

3. Not acceptable to the Lord. That is, no faith or religious persuasion will applaud person, okay thing or authorize event.

4. Not beneficial or positive, in the long run, ... any which way.

5. Cannot be supported by a member of the society or public or any right-thinking, reasonable person.

6. Wrong, wrongdoing or wrongness, vileness or negativity, etc. can be proved, if and whenever required.

7. Cannot be proudly associated with, announced, displayed, promoted, etc. And the person, thing or event can, therefore, not be defended.

8. End result or consequence is certain to be regrets, even though this may not or cannot be known initially.

9. Person can be avoided, 'victim' can be weaned from thing or events can be skipped, without a loss being suffered. That is, the matter that is an undesired 'negative' can be rejected or fought against.

10. The person, thing or event does not have any redeeming quality or a saving grace. That is, human, object or situation will be completely useless.

11. 'Baddie' cannot be reformed, thing cannot be repaired or event cannot be restructured, to make him/her/it look or become good or positive, acceptable or tolerable.

12. Person, thing or event is of no use to nature or the environment, and is not beneficial for the lower animals or ecosystem.

13. A strong and serious urge will exist to abstain from any relationship and contact, connection or involvement with person, thing or event. But a stronger and more serious temptation will be present to embrace or attempt same.


Quote: "Bad men are full of repentance". - Aristotle.

Quote: "True repentance is to cease from sinning". - Ambrose of Milan.

Quote: "Great is the difference betwixt a man's being frightened at, and humbled by his sins". - Thomas Fuller.

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