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Achievement complex

Definition: (informal) A situation of becoming or seemingly acting like being virtually overcome by a desire to attain a specified goal within a specific period of time.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. The objective - whatever, whichever - will, if achieved, be considered worthwhile.

2. Available time and space - secured, authorized - will be adequate to make the required attempt(s).

3. The actions - no inaction or indecisiveness - will be specific and identifiable; no confusing emotions.

4. A post-victory plan - for when, where, - will be in place; there must be no thought of failure, expectation will be high.

5. There will be no room for a real laugh or serious relaxation - panics, overreacts, etc. at or to any delay or hitch - during the period.

6. State will be filled with worrying, fussiness, whingeing, etc. - gosh, gawd!, no peace of mind - leads to trying the unthinkable or daring an 'impossible'.

7. There will be a readiness to take a second look at target - lowers or raises ambition or take on new challenge - on failing or succeeding or if success is not as satisfying as envisaged.

8. Illogicality of thoughts and feelings will not be admitted even though this may be realized afterwards, particularly if the efforts that will be put into endeavour, yields outcomes that will not be considered as commensurate.

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Quote: "All great achievements require time". - Maya Angelou.

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