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Automated teller machine


i. A machine in or outside a bank, etc., from which you can get money from your bank account using a special plastic card.

ii. (banking) Machine that can process simple money transactions, e.g., deposits, small withdrawals; it is activated by a plastic card.

* All fourteen elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Owner-bank is 'healthy'.

Below the Line
1. Open 24/7. That is, accessible and usable all-day and all-night.

2. Meets all possible requests within the contract, agreement or rules of the terms and conditions, as applicable - currencies, denominations, receipt(s), statement(s) etc., as necessary.

3. Effective and/or timely in its operation (connect to #2 below the line).

4. Efficient - makes no error or mistake (connect to #3 below the line).


5. Secured, protected and safe - for the bank’s sake.

6. Protected when being used - guard(s), alarm(s), CCTVs, etc., is/are on duty or activated - mainly for the customer’s sake.

7. Protected from the elements, that is, covered or roofed, as appropriate - for everyone’s sake.

8. Not 'distant', that is, located at a walkable distance.


further below the line

1. Serves purpose(s) - provides genuine currency, and timely too.

2. No glitch (connect to #1 further below the line).


much further below the line

1. Returns the (your) plastic on time !

2. Doesn’t 'rob' you. That is, charges minimum fees for the service(s) provided.


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