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Assumption (2)

Definition: [ ~ of something ] (formal) The act of taking or beginning to have power or responsibility.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Lawful or legal. That is, new position is authorized and approved, whether this is deserved or not.

3. What post or position entails - schedule of duties - are specific and identifiable, measurable and/or assessable. And are all spelt out in a document or in writing.

See perfect APPOINTMENT (2).
Below the Line
4. Post or position is assumed timely, when the desired impact can still be made by who is in new situation.

5. Person is not overwhelmed in new responsibility or drunk with the additional or 'fresh' power(s).

6. Person does not abuse or misuse newly acquired authority (connect to #5).


further below the line

7. (Reserved.) (Power or responsibility is not and/or cannot be delegated to another person or official!)

8. Assumption achieves objective(s). And post is remained in for desired duration. (Connect to #9.)

9. No regret(s) will be had later for assuming new posts or position.


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