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Artificial respiration

Definition: (British English) The process of helping a person who has stopped breathing begin to breathe again, usually by blowing into their mouth or nose.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (see definition).

2. 'Kiss' is emotionless. That is, feelings that may come up during process are disregarded, and therefore, have no effect on events or the persons involved afterwards.

See perfect KISS (1).
Below the Line
3. No disease is contacted in the process of breathing/blowing into the mouth.

4. No serious inconvenience is experienced during the period of rendering help (connect to #3).

Se perfect MOUTH-TO-MOUTH.

further below the line

5. Efforts succeed. That is, the person being helped regains full consciousness in good time (to emphasize).

6. Person brought back to life does not become a danger or problem to the life saver!

See perfect HELPER.

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