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Acceptance (1)

Definition: The act of accepting a gift, an invitation, an offer, etc.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful, even if strictly unnecessary.

2. Voluntarily done. That is, act is not forced or under a threat, compulsion, inebriation, etc.

See perfect GIFT (1).
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3. Source of gift (package/packaging), invitation (host/cause), offer (sender/value), etc. is clearly and fully known and/or understood.

4. Acceptance is not in part or half-hearted. That is, gift, invitation or offer, etc. is not split or 'divided' before it is accepted.

5. Acceptance is timely to help achieve the objective(s). That is, item, offer, etc. is received on time to make a timely response possible.

See perfect HAPPINESS (3).

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6. Gift, invitation, offer, etc. is acknowledged received and accepted, as/if necessary.

7. What is accepted is used or useful, whether immediately or in the future. But thing is never destroyed, dishonoured, etc. unless overwhelming circumstance(s) makes a rejection or disuse inevitable.

See perfect SCARE (1).

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8. No regret(s) arises from accepting the gift, invitation, offer, etc. That is, gift does not turn out as Greek; invitation does not result in an injury, death; offer does not lead to a loss, etc.

See perfect USE (4).

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