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Alma mater (1)


i. (especially North American English) The school or university that somebody went to.

ii. (usually with a possessive noun) The school or university which you went to.

* All five elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary. That is, qualification obtained from institution earned you the employment, appointment, thing, etc. that you desired or applied for.

2. Quality is not declining. That is, reputation as a place of academic excellence and high moral standing is intact and improving.

3. (Reserved.) (Name remains unchanged or a change of name will not have a negative impact on graduates of institution.)

4. Not closed, or suspended, or about to be shut down on account of maladministration or falling standards of education.

5. Still being supported by former students (= ex-graduates) by way of contributions, funding, etc. That is, still serving purpose(s).

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