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Definition: A woman whose job is to clean bedrooms, usually in a hotel.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary - to earn a living, honestly.

2. Dutiful. That is, woman is always at her duty point, doing the job conscientiously:

a. Cleans thoroughly well.

b. Cleans timely, promptly.

c. Cleans quickly or speedily.

d. Cleans quietly - not singing, clapping, dancing or whistling, especially if guest(s) is/are in or around room.

e. Cleans completely - everywhere necessary to be cleaned.

f. Stops cleaning when asked to by the guest(s). (To emphasize.)



See perfect SOLICITATION (2).

3. Woman is neat, tidy and clean. And with a very high level of personal hygiene.

4. Woman has self-worth or self-esteem:

a. Not a seductress!

b. Does not succumb to guest(s)'s amorous moves!!

c. No match-making of guest(s) with other(s), especially female, staff in the establishment!!!

d. Does not provide any form of sexual favours to guest(s): no striptease or fellatio or cunnilingus or masturbation!!!!

e. Does not dress 'shabbily' or provocatively!!!!! (That is, manner of dressing is not ordinarily an invitation to a sexual harassment or an attempt at a rape by the guest(s).)




5. Woman is honest and truthful, sincere and reliable.

6. Woman is appropriately trained and has the senses, especially of sight and smell, to perform tasks effectively and efficiently.

See perfect CLEANLINESS.

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