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Definition: The position of captain of a team; the period during which somebody is captain.

* All seven elements should be in.

* This is on position, not period.

1. Purposeful (connect to #2).

2. Considered a necessity (to emphasize).

3. Provides leadership - sets good examples, supports the group, makes required sacrifice, supplies the needed encouragement, etc.

4. Respects the other members of team, while having an adequate measure of self-respect.

5. Election or selection, promotion or elevation, etc. to lead team would have been deserved and, therefore, rancour-free.

6. Does not insist on picking his or her assistant(s) - unless the rules permit such an arrangement. And works in harmony with deputy.

7. Serves purpose(s), as exactly expected by the team, gaffer, etc.

See perfect TEAM (2)/See perfect LEADER (1)/See perfect TEAM (1).

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