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Capital (7)


i. Principal (the sum of money on which interest is earned).

ii. The value of the sum of money on which interest is earned in a given instance.

iii. Something stored up against future use.

iv. The owners of wealth (only vis-a-vis 'labour').

v. (economics) The stock of goods and commodities in a country at any one time.

* All twelve elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize).

2. Necessary to have item.

See perfect FOUNDATION (5).
Below the Line
1. Available in sufficient quantities to help achieve purpose.

2. Easily, readily accessible.

3. Specific and identifiable.

4. Measurable and assessable.

5. Can be invested, and/or is regenerative.

6. Owned (wholly, not partially).

7. Available or in existence for the duration/period planned for validity or currency is not in doubt.

8. Made of the appropriate quality, combination or mode - property, bonds, promissory notes, etc. - as desired.


further below the line

1. (Reserved.) (Can't ordinarily bring an unplanned loss.)

2. Serves purpose(s), exactly as hoped or planned for.

See perfect OPULENCE (1).

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