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Buyer (1)

Definition: A person who buys something, especially something expensive.

* All ten or eleven elements, as applicable, should be in.

1. Purposeful - the purchase.

2. Necessity. That is, a need exists and this has been carefully considered before a purchase is attempted.

3. Person is above the legal age permitted to purchase item (to emphasize) (if applicable).

See perfect JONESES.

Quote: "The three most important factors in buying a home are: Location, location, location". - Anonymous.
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4. Person does not haggle for 'decades'. That is, time taken to conclude deal is not excessive (if applicable).

5. Person does not pay in installments, except the arrangement with seller is for this form of payment (if applicable).

6. No issue(s) arise or arises from the payment - no dud checks, fake currencies, etc.

See perfect STATUS SYMBOL.

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7. Person buying goods does not has no doubt or reservations about buy. That is, buyer knows exactly what he or she wants.

8. Thing paid for is used/usable. That is, thing purchased serves purpose(s) (And therefore buyer may call again.) (Connect to #7.)

See perfect BUYER'S REMORSE.

Quote: "The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller but one". - George Herbert.

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9. What buyer pays, that is, amount offered for good(s), is not too far below the asking price (connect to #4), to emphasize).

10. Person gives tip(s) generously and/or pays service charge, etc. joyfully (connect to #10).

11. Buyer, whether a pauper or billionaire, cooperates with seller.

See perfect SALESMANSHIP (2).

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