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i. The state or situation of living or travelling in wild country.

ii. The act or process of cutting your way through bushes, plants, etc. in the wild country.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary. That is, deliberately decided to be involved in particular activities.

2. Resident cum traveller is not a 'homeless vagrant' (connect to #1).

3. No unplanned loss by way of a mauling, an injury or a wound, illness or sickness, etc. will be suffered during the course of whacking activities.

4. Destination(s) is/are known from the outset (to emphasize).

5. No damage to or destruction of the environment or ecosystem takes place as a direct fallout of actions.

6. Stay and trip or activity lasts for duration desired.

7. No contact will be maintained with the 'outside' world during period. That is, there would be no use of laptops, cellphones, etc., etc. while in the wild.

8. Activities, events, lifestyle, etc. achieves objective(s).

9. Return to point of departure or to 'civilization' will be made timely and be successfully concluded.

See perfect ADVENTURE (1)/See perfect TRAVEL (2).

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