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Burial (1)

Definition: The act or ceremony of burying a dead body.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Purposeful - whoever the deceased.

2. Necessary, that is, interment is considered more appropriate, instead of cremation or leaving corpse for 'vultures'.

3. Person being buried is the correct person. That is, legally or properly certified as truly dead, and the body, or whatever is left of it, is whole, complete.

Below the Line
4. Procedures adopted are in line with the culture and tradition and/or religion, if any, of the deceased and of the relatives and/or organizers of the burial. Or in accordance with the will of the deceased, where available. And as allowed by the law.

a. Location or choice of burial ground.

b. Duration of activities.

c. Processes and systems, as applicable.

d. Accompaniments, rituals, dust-to-dust rites, etc.






See perfect BEREAVED.

See perfect BASKET CASE (2).

further below the line

5. Ceremony (= expenses/expenditure!) does not leave the relative/organizers (= the living) in debt! (To emphasize.)

6. No issue arises from the ceremony, especially at the graveyard.


much further below the line

7. Body stays buried. That is, body snatchers do not exhume the body, for whatever reason(s), at a later time.

See perfect BURIAL GROUND (1).

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