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Definition: A situation in which something is spoilt or not done properly because of a mistake or incompetence.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Not deliberately orchestrated. And unexpected from the bungler(s).

2. The cause or causes of the error can be found out or known.

3. Indefensible as the wherewithal to do thing rightly and effectively was made available or provided.

4. The loss, disadvantage, etc. that will arise or be suffered from carelessness will be enormous (connect to #5).

5. Restoration, repairs, rebuilding, etc. will be possible much later.

6. Some punishment or penalty, sanction or fine, etc. will be faced or paid by the annoying spoiler(s).

7. A hard lesson will be learned, from experience 'gained', by all who are directly connected with the unfortunate situation.

See perfect NAGGING.

See perfect BUNGLER.

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